In Episode 006, I got to sit down with HoopLab I’m Possible Skills Trainer, Garry Linton to discuss the challenges of raising a young athlete with college or professional aspirations. Garry was kind enough to share his perspectives as a father of a Division 1 scholarship earning basketball daughter, and also as a former coach and current skills enhancement trainer.


During our talk, we covered a multitude of topics ranging from common mistakes parents make as they try to guide their children along their athletic paths, the importance of building a social media brand amid the college recruiting process, and the invaluable, intangible benefits of encouraging our children to discover and build passions that go beyond the court.


Garry is a powerful advocate for girls’ basketball, a dedicated skills trainer, a devoted father, and a multitalented student of life whose creative abilities are surpassed by only his vision and desire to help others to achieve their dreams.