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Kosmogonia Book IV: The Quest For The Key

Coming 2019

The end is drawing near as Tim and his friends prepare for the coming war with the Dark One. As they prepare to make their final stand, the group learns about the existence of other inhabitants on the world of Avalon and an object that might be the key to their ultimate victory. A product of the Random, the mysterious object sits locked in a chest deep within the Cave of the Dawn Star.

In order to unlock the chest, Tim must first lead a quest to collect the pieces of its key. Can Tim convince the guardians of these pieces not merely to part ways with them but to join his fight against the Creature?

The final battle approaches!

Kosmogonia Book V

Coming Soon!

The thrilling conclusion to the Kosmogonia series is the ultimate battle between good and evil. Existence itself hangs in the balance as Tim leads the forces of Avalon against the darkness of the Creature and his abominations.

The end is here!

The Shadow Gazer

Projected Release Date: Summer 2020

What lies beyond our shadows? What realm of darkness mirrored in the shade? One man knows the truth—a curse masquerading as a gift—a burden to bear that he can never share…until he must use this knowledge to save the only person he has ever truly loved. Salvation lies in the Shadowland!

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